Guide to invitations

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If you have just recieved an invitation...

What to do

1. *IMPORTANT* If you do not recognize the name or email of the account owner, or do not necesarily trust that person, then ignore the invitation and do NOT click the "Accept Invitation" button.

2. However, if you do recognize the name and email of the account owner and wish to accept the invitation, go ahead and click the "Accept Invitation" in the email.

3. By clicking the "Accept Invitation" link, you will be brought to a MyPDA web page. There will be slightly different instructions depending on the security and access policy of the account.

For example, to access the account you might need to enter your email address AND a password. Or just your email address. Or maybe no authentication is required at all.

If you have just accepted an invitation...

What to do

1. If the account requires both an email AND a password, then MyPDA will automatically email you your account password when the invitation has been accepted.

Remember, this password is just to access that partilucar account. Therefore you might eventually have multiple passwords to access multiple different accounts.

The good thing with this system is that you dont actually need to be a MyPDA member to be able access other peoples' accounts.